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Stop marginalizing heart disease

Apr 23, 2015

“Women still think: ‘You better not talk about heart disease because it’s an old man’s disease,’” said Barbra Streisand during a discussion that shattered some of the myths surrounding heart disease and exposed the issue of gender bias in medicine.


Angelina Jolie and removal of ovaries and tubes

Mar 24, 2015

What BRCA positive women need to know about removing their ovaries: As a board-certified Ob-Gyn, I know the ovary like the figurative back of my hand. Today represents a great opportunity for women (and men) to learn a lot more about preventing ovarian cancer, and Angelina Jolie’s article in the NYTimes starts that process. I encourage you to read it, but also to realize that there is much that the article does NOT explain, as it does not come from a medical perspective, but rather an individual/personal one.


What to do if you are raped

Mar 17, 2015

During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Madonna shared that shortly after she moved to New York City, she was raped. She told Stern that she never went to police or reported the incident. “I was told that if I wanted to press charges, that I would need a physical examination, I would have to go before the court, and they’re going to ask you all these personal questions,” she explained of her choice. “You’ve already been violated … it’s just not worth it. It’s too humiliating.”

Many women who are victims of sexual assault make the same decision Madonna did, and some don’t even seek medical attention — perhaps out of fear, because they have misconceptions about what would ensue after reporting the sexual assault, or because they don’t want to relive the experience....


The Doctors Host Dr. Jennifer Ashton Revives Woman At 38,000 Feet

Nov 18, 2014

Is there a doctor on board?”

We’ve all seen someone yell out that line in the movies, but it happened in real life Friday on a Delta Airlines red-eye flight from Los Angeles to New York.

And, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, co-host of the Emmy Award-winning syndicated series The Doctors, answered the call, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.


Your vagina....

Nov 10, 2014

Your vagina does not come with an owner's it is up to you, to make sure you learn as much as you can about it! (from credible sources!)...One of my Gyn mantras from the amazing FunFearlessLife Live Cosmopolitan Magazine event in NYC...Where do you get most of your Gyn health info? I'm interested to know...


What Joan Rivers told me...

Aug 31, 2014

I was fortunate enough to meet Joan Rivers. It was 2010, and I was the medical correspondent at CBS News. 


New Pelvic Exam Recommendations

Jul 1, 2014

New Pelvic Exam Recommendations Explained:

Yesterday the American College of Physicians released the results of a new study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, regarding PART of the annual Gyn exam that millions of women have every year. They reviewed over 50 studies dating back to the 1940’s to evaluate the risks versus the benefits of a yearly pelvic exam on non-pregnant, adult women who were not having any symptoms of pelvic disease. They found that the pelvic exam did not save lives, was a poor predictor of pelvic cancer or other non-serious gynecologic conditions, and was associated with fear, discomfort, embarassment, etc. Here’s what I want you to know about this Women’s Health news story...


Being Pregnant: a risk factor for DEATH in the US?!

May 6, 2014

For women in the United States, the lifetime risk of dying from a pregnancy-related cause has increased 50 percent over the last 15 years, according to a new report.  Read this >>


Ist US case of MERS virus

May 3, 2014

This morning on GMA I discussed the breaking health news that we now have the first documented case of the MERS virus in the US, as released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Is Kate Middleton Late? Figuring Out a Due Date

Jul 21, 2013

Given the widely held belief that the Duchess of Cambridge has passed her due date, the anxious anticipation for the birth of England's future monarch has grown.

While Buckingham Palace never released an official due date, only stating that Prince William and Duchess Catherine's baby was due in "mid-July," the entire world has been discussing possible due dates, even betting on when the baby will arrive.


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