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Fear of the dentist: yep!

Mar 14, 2013

Fear of the dentist: count me in!

Yesterday I had step 2 of a dental implant performed.  (start the eye rolling now....) Thankfully, I have an amazing oral surgeon who has an exceptionally calming manner and who is incredibly skilled technically, but trust me- it was no picnic!

Something about teeth really freaks me out, so I really understand when MY patients have anxiety about coming to the gynecologist.  Even though my mouth was completely numbed, I still really hated the whole procedure.  I don’t like having 3 hands in my mouth, having to bite on the giant rubber block to keep my jaw propped open, the taste of blood, the drilling sensation....the entire process is just one that I place solidly at the bottom of my all-time least favorite medical things list...so far.

I realize I am probably making this worse in my mind than it was in reality ( I declined any IV or gas sedation- he just used local anesthetic and I was actually ok), but I really dislike anything dental.  That having been said, I DO realize that my teeth and oral health are incredibly important and so I don’t ignore these issues.  I have found it very helpful to go to dentists and oral surgeons whom I actually like as people.  In fact, my dentist is one of my best friends, and so I don’t really mind going to her office.

Today, I feel a little sore.  I have a few stitches in my gum, a new titanium screw in my lower jaw bone, and in two and a half months the lower tooth part of the implant will be attached.  I am taking some motrin for pain, amoxicillin antibiotics for prophylaxis, and rinsing with chlorhexidine twice daily.   All in all, I am ok.  I just wish I hadn’t needed it ( I had a root canal in that tooth 25 years ago).  But I am thankful that I got good dental care from Dr. Patricia DeSalvo and my oral surgeon, Dr. Jason Auerbach.

Here are some of my photos from the procedure...don’t worry- nothing bloody! xo

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