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In the Stirrups...Your Gyn issues discussed

May 6, 2014

Over the course of several blog postings, I will share with you much of what I cover in my medical practice with women and teenage girls who have PCOS.  There is A LOT to discuss, so I will post it gradually.  I hope you find it helpful, but I always encourage women to continue to read, talk, ask, and learn as much as possible about anything that is going on with their bodies.  I also am a big believer in incorporating the best of Western and Non-western approaches to PCOS- this means a 'holistic' approach in the sense of using lifestyle, behavioral, nutritional as well as traditional medical therapies.  It is 2014 after all!!

Let's start with what I consider to be some of the most important facts about PCOS: firstly, it is NOT a disease, it's a syndrome.  This means, much of the time, you can manage it, rather than it managing you! It is also incredibly common, affecting 5-20% of reproductive age women, so please don't feel alone in dealing with PCOS.  There are plenty of people who are dealing with the very same issues! (I always find that concept helpful when dealing with things that are tough.)  PCOS also has spectrums of severity: for some women it is very mild and doesn't cause major issues. But for other women, it can be severe, and seem at times like it is running their lives.  PCOS can also be everything in between, so it's important to keep in mind that your experience with it, may be very different than your girlfriend's experience with PCOS.  When I say it isn't a disease, I mean that it usually doesn't get worse and worse- but the signs and symptoms of it can vary at different times in your life.  My goal is always to help you take control of it, and to minimize any health or physical issues that can come along with PCOS.  Over the course of the next postings, I will explain my approach to managing the issues that can accompany PCOS including weight management/diet/nutrition, irregular periods, acne, excessive body hair, fertility issues, metabolic problems/insulin resistance, and more!!  I want to hear your comments, questions, concerns, etc so don't be shy to weigh in! 

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