First-trimester obstetric and complete gynecologic services are offered at Hygeia Gynecology. This includes attention to Breast and Bone Health, menstrual function, adolescent gynecology, peri- and post-menopausal syndrome, sexual well-being and nutritional status. With over 30 years in the tri-state area and with her long-standing professional and personal relationships with specialists in the fields of Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics, Urology, Internal Medicine and Dentistry, Dr. Ashton is able to easily refer her patients to over a dozen top local and regional experts when necessary. These associations, at centers such as Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York University Medical Center, Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center, St.Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, in addition to the local Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center and Valley Hospital of New Jersey, enable Dr. Ashton's patients to have access to the country's top doctors not only at her hospital, but at many hospitals.

Screening Sonogram

This transvaginal ultrasound can be useful to image the uterus, ovaries and lower pelvis. It can monitor ovarian activity, size of fibroids, and follow the lining of the inside of the uterus.

Genetic Testing for the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Mutation

This consultation reviews your individual risk factors for Breast and Ovarian Cancer, reviews your family history, explains the nature and value of this simple blood test, and how to use the resulting information to reduce your risk and the risk to your immediate female relatives.

PCOS Testing and Management

This common hormonal imbalance affects approximately 10-20% of the female population. It can produce menstrual irregularity, acne, excess body hair, and even difficulty conceiving. Treatment centers around hormonal management, nutritional and behavioral modification, and if necessary, medications to increase fertility. Testing is by bloodwork, possibly pelvic ultrasound and physical examination.

Nutritional Consultation

Do you think you eat well but are always trying to be healthier or lose a few pounds? Do you have a chronic medical condition that requires special dietary features? Arrange for an on-site, individualized nutritional plan with a certified nutritionist.

For any potential surgical candidate, patients are extensively counseled regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives to surgical treatment. Often times, patients may be advised against surgery.

Surgical Options

Uterine Surgery

Many options for uterine surgery are offered including abdominal and vaginal surgery for uterine pain and fibroid tumors. This includes Abdominal Myomectomy, Abdominal Hysterectomy and Vaginal Hysteroscopic Myomectomy. For certain select patients, referral can be made for Robotic or Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy. For some patients who suffer from fibroids of the uterus, surgery can be performed via a vaginal approach, removing the fibroid but leaving the uterus and no scars. This procedure, known as a Hysteroscopic Myomectomy, is performed as a same-day procedure and does not require an over-night hospital stay.


An FDA-cleared device that is used to address vaginal dryness, mild pelvic organ prolapse, and over-active bladder symptoms by stimulating collagen formation, increasing lubrication and recruiting the development of new blood vessels in the urogenital tissue.  Dr. Ashton is one of the first Gynecologists in the NYC tri-state area to offer this technique to women, for female rejuvenation but also to assist in functional problems such as painful intercourse and over-active bladder.  Read More About ThermiVa Here.


For symptomatic labial hypertrophy causing chafing, pain, difficulty inserting tampons or having intercourse...elective surgical resection options are discussed with emphasis on the fact that this is NOT an abnormal or functional issue, but rather is akin to choosing cosmetic surgery for rhinoplasty or breast augmentation or reduction. 

Surgery on the Cervix

This includes both the LEEP procedure, as well as the Cold Knife Cone Biopsy and is indicated for certain women with high-grade cervical dysplasia. Advanced DNA testing for the high-risk HPV type 16 and 18 is also offered.

Hymenal Stenosis

Many teens experience pain and difficulty inserting tampons. This can be due to very common conditions of the hymenal anatomy and can be easily corrected with a simple surgical procedure.


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