Dr. Jen

Jennifer Ashton, MD

Retiring stiff paper gowns and unrelatable medical advice, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a Board-certified Ob-Gyn, author and TV medical correspondent, breaks the barrier between doctor and patient.  Affectionately referred to as your all-in-one ‘BFF’/Ob-Gyn, Dr. Jennifer Ashton marries an unparalleled medical background with an accessible ‘girl’s-girl’ attitude.  Though Dr. Ashton can easily speak to the latest beauty and fashion trends, this Ivy League graduate means business when it comes to women’s health.

From the onset, you might wonder how Dr. Ashton does it.  Hailing from a family of 6 physicians and 1 nurse, this wife and mother of two possesses a uniquely well-rounded understanding of the human body.  Leading by example, Dr. Ashton not only ‘talks the talk,’ but ‘walks the walk.’  When she’s not in the office, she can be found training for triathlons or following her very own Five-Day/Two- Day Eating Plan. Dr. Ashton demonstrates first-hand how to embrace and feel empowered at every stage of womanhood. This relatable and modern approach is highlighted in her latest book Your Body Beautiful (Penguin), a coveted resource for the medical community and women at every stage of their lives.

The Practice

Dr. Ashton opened her private medical practice, Hygeia Gynecology, in Englewood, New Jersey in 2008. Physically and aesthetically unmatched, Hygeia Gynecology is aptly named after Hygeia the Greek goddess of health, healing, and cleanliness. Resembling a spa more than a doctor’s office, patients are immediately escorted from a Zen-like reception area to examination rooms. Instead of scratchy and uncomfortable paper gowns, patients are enveloped in plush robes. Patients are physically and metaphorically “wrapped in comfort,” explains Dr. Ashton.


While she spent her early years coloring at nursing stations while her parents (a doctor and a nurse) worked, Dr. Ashton recognized at a young age that she was destined to be a doctor. Attending Columbia College, Columbia University as an undergrad, Dr. Ashton went on to receive her medical degree from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she served as Class President for four consecutive years.

Dr. Ashton immediately gravitated towards gynecology, as it encompassed virtually every facet of the medical field.  From surgical (think c-sections and GYN cancers) to psychiatry, Dr. Ashton’s knowledge runs the gamut.  More importantly, Dr. Ashton is drawn to the primary care issues affecting women; she explains: “I feel like being a female Ob/Gyn is like being captain of a great sisterhood team!  There is so much that a woman goes through that I can say, ‘I know exactly how you feel.’”

A big believer in perpetual education, Dr. Ashton has just completed a 3-year program at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition and has received her Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition in 2016, making her one of the only M.D.’s with a national media platform who is also formally credentialed in Nutrition.  Dr. Ashton is also board certified in Obesity Medicine.

Medicine in the Media

In October 2017, ABC announced Dr. Ashton as the Chief Medical Correspondent & Health Editor, making her only the third person at the network to ever hold this title. In 2015, Dr. Ashton was named Chief Women’s Health Correspondent for ABC News, where she has been Senior Medical Contributor since 2012, and appears several times a week on the nation’s number one rated morning news broadcast, Good Morning America.  In 2013, she was named co-host of the nationally- syndicated, Emmy Award-winning daytime medical show, The Doctors.   Previously, Dr. Ashton worked as the Medical Correspondent for CBS News Network and The Fox News Channel and has regularly contributed to a number of shows including The Early Show, The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, The Dr. Oz Show and TLC’s A Baby Story.  One of the few practicing physicians with a national media platform, Dr. Ashton’s dual roles in clinical medicine and medical media keep her on the cutting edge of medical and health news and advances.


Dr. Ashton’s award-winning book, The Body Scoop for Girls (Penguin) was released in January 2010 and is an approachable guide to teenage health.  In her second book, Your Body Beautiful (Penguin), released in January 2012, Dr. Ashton calls on her own beauty regimens, eating plan and fitness routines to offer a comprehensive health and lifestyle guide for women age 30-50.  From heart disease to teeth whitening, Your Body Beautiful is the ultimate resource empowering women to stay strong and sexy in their 30’s and beyond.  The book launched in soft-cover in December 2012.

In May 2016, Dr. Ashton released her third book, Eat This Not That When You’re Expecting, co-authored with Dave Zinczenko.  The book is a doctor-recommended eating plan for pregnant women written from her experience as a Board-certified Ob-Gyn who now has a degree in Nutrition.  It provides a trimester-by-trimester eating plan for mom and baby and is available at Amazon.com