• I first met Dr. Ashton when I brought my daughter to see her. I was instantly impressed with her warmth and her knowledge. What struck me was the way she combined a casual, comfortable feeling with total professionalism. My daughter felt the same. It wasn't too long after when I needed a second opinion on a gynecological medical procedure. I decided to discuss it with Dr. Ashton. Lucky for me as her opinion guided me in a different way, and saved me from what could have been a very dangerous procedure for my specific problem. Suffice it to say I switched to Dr. Ashton's practice right then and have been a patient ever since. I raved so much about her that most of my friends and my daughter's friends are now her patients too!

    Comfort level is so incredibly important when selecting a doctor, especially with a gynecologist. I have found that with Dr. Ashton. An added plus is Carole, the office manager, who is so efficient and nice to deal with, and Ana, the nurse, who is so sweet and the most gentle blood taker/shot giver ever!!!!

    I would recommend Dr. Ashton to anyone!

  • Not only are you a wonderful surgeon but your caring heart made all the difference. Thank you for all you've done and especially for looking at [our daughter] with a mother's eye and heart.

  • Doctor Jennifer - Thank you for being you and making the pregnancy and birth of our son beyond special.

    S., C. and J.
  • Thank you again for going above and beyond in your care and compassion. It meant a lot to us!

  • Dear Dr. Ashton, I am always so impressed by the way you listen so carefully and make the girls feel so comfortable. Thanks for being their doctor!

  • Dear Dr. Ashton, I wanted to thank you for all your support and kind words during my difficult time, and also for believing in me. You are such a smart and caring person who has made a huge difference in my life and probably many other people's lives also.

  • Thanks for your prompt, professional and super caring for our daughter. She is so happy to be feeling well, and we are grateful to you!

  • Dear Dr. Ashton, There are not enough words to thank you for your kindness and compassion as you attended our daughter, police officer J.G. Too often you hear of passersby at the scene of an accident who just didn't want to get involved. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your help with both officers when they really needed you.

  • Dear Dr. Ashton, There are no words to describe how grateful we are to you for all that you have been to us over the past few years. Every visit, you have been so warm, caring and professional. You always made us feel like we were special and important to you, and not just another patient. You were always willing to listen to and answer all our of our questions-no matter how much time it took. And your willingness to be just a phone call away gave us a sense of comfort. You are everything a good doctor should be and all that an amazing doctor is.

  • Dear Dr. Ashton and staff,
    We can't thank you enough for the incredible care you took of me in the hospital. Your enthusiasm, encouragement and expertise were so generously applied; all of us in the room were put at ease. The respect with which you treated me...will never be forgotten.

  • Dear Dr. Ashton,
    Thanks a million for your prompt, professional and super care of our daughter. She is so happy to be feeling well and we are so grateful to you.

  • Dear Dr. Ashton,
    During the most difficult period of my life, you were my rock, a calming influence and I simply want to say thank you. I had a gynecologic emergency and was horrified when I heard the news, but the way you assured me and calmed me down was, in a word, amazing. Thank you, very much.

  • Dear Dr. Ashton,
    Just a small thank you for being you and for making the pregnancy and the birth of J beyond special. Not only are you an amazing doctor, but you're an awesome person who all 3 of us love!

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  • When I think about all the doctors and specialists I have seen in my life, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and her team are the only ones who have made a life lasting impression. Dr. Ashton not only is advanced in her studies of women and gynecology but is also a nutritionist. She is always going above and beyond to stay informed in her field and what new information could better assist her clientele. I cannot be more thankful of her passion for her field. In September 2015, I was 238lbs and now with her help, in August 2017 I am 148lbs. After being bullied and doubted by other “professionals” I continued to count on Dr. Ashton and her team for guidance and motivation to keep moving forward. With Dr. Ashton's nutritional advice, guidance and medical regimen, I was able to overcome the battle I was facing. I cannot thank Dr. Ashton enough.

  • Hi Dr. Ashton,

    I wanted to thank you again and let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to evaluate and walk me through all of my concerns. Before coming to your office, I knew something just felt “off” but for years I was never getting clear answers from other doctors. Thanks to you , I now finally feel like I have a plan and the tools to take a proactive approach to my own health.

    Your patience and guidance has helped put my mind at ease for the first time in over two months and just in time for me to enjoy my upcoming vacation. Again, I’ve never had a doctor take the time with me like you did and very much look forward to continuing with you in the future (easily worth the drive!).
    Thank you,

  • Dearest Jennifer,

    Yours is a welcoming office for patients. Your knowledge, warmth, and caring ways are so meaningful. Being able to talk to you about anything troubling me is a comfort. Knowing you’re watching out for me is a blessing. I don’t get to see you very often; when I do it is like a homecoming.
    I always wish you well. I always admire your courage, strength, and bravery. I care very much about you and your family.
    And importantly, as your patient, I feel so cared for.
    Thank you, always! Much love, to you, and to your staff