New York, NY (November 19, 2020) – William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, announced today that it will publish a new book by Dr. Jennifer Ashton titled THE NEW NORMAL: A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era. Lisa Sharkey, SVP and Director of Creative Development, acquired world rights from Robert Barnett of Williams & Connolly. Matt Harper, Executive Editor, will edit the book.

In March 2020, COVID-19 changed our lives forever. We could no longer see our friends and family without standing six feet apart. We could no longer go in public without wearing a mask. We started losing family members, friends, and jobs. Our daily lives were colored with the constant fear of infection and our country was in crisis. But since the start of it all, there has been one calming, confident, and clear voice that has pierced through the deafening noise of panic: Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

A practicing doctor for the last 20 years and the Chief Medical Correspondent for ABC News, Dr. Ashton has played a critical role in informing Americans about the coronavirus crisis every day. She has appeared on the ABC Network sometimes up to 14 hours a day—from Good Morning America, to GMA3, to World News Tonight—in order to bring viewers important medical information rooted in fact, not fiction and based on evidence, not emotion. It is because of her incredible reporting that she is considered one of the most trusted health personalities on television today.

In her essential new book, THE NEW NORMAL: A Roadmap to Resilience, Dr. Ashton shares her knowledgeable and trusted advice with readers about getting through this pandemic. The book is built on a simple foundation: the way to thrive in this evolving world and “new normal” is by accepting the new normal for what it is—not what we want it to be—and by understanding that the virus isn’t going anywhere overnight.

No longer is wellness a buzzword, but an imperative for surviving this unprecedented time. Using her trademark practical, easy-to-follow advice, in her new book Dr. Ashton gives you all the necessary information to reclaim control of your life and live safely—from exercise, to diet, to general health. In it, Dr. Ashton covers:

THE NEW NORMAL is the complete, reassuring and extremely urgent roadmap we all need for the ongoing struggles of the pandemic. As Dr. Ashton notes, “The more resilient you can become physically, mentally, and emotionally, the better able you’ll be able to stand in the adversity.” And with this new book, we can move forward into the new normal better together.


ABC News’ Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, is the country’s leading voice of Women’s Health. Dr. Ashton is a board-certified OB-GYN, author and is board-certified in Obesity Medicine.

Dr. Ashton is a graduate of Columbia College, Columbia University. She then received her medical degree from Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she was elected Class President for four consecutive years. Upon graduation, she was awarded the prestigious Bartlestone Award in Pharmacology. Dr. Ashton received her post-graduate training in women’s health and surgery at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in NYC, an affiliate of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. She served as Administrative Chief Resident and was awarded Chief Resident of the Year upon completing her residency. She received a Master of Science Degree in Nutrition from the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons Institute of

Human Nutrition in 2016, making Dr. Ashton one of the only M.D.’s with a national media platform who also has a degree in Nutrition. She is one of the few physicians with media platforms who still sees patients and has an active medical practice for women’s gynecology and obesity/weight management.

Since 2012, she has also been the Senior Medical Contributor for Good Morning America and World News Tonight, ABC News. From 2009-2011, Dr. Ashton was the Medical Correspondent for CBS News Network, where she received the prestigious Columbia Alfred DuPont Award for Excellence in Journalism for her work. Dr. Ashton is the national bestselling author of five other books: Eat This Not That When Expecting, The Body Scoop for Girls, Your Body Beautiful, and Life After Suicide, and The Self-Care Solution. In January 2010, Dr. Ashton travelled to Haiti with a medical team where she treated victims of the earthquake for 8 days.

Dr. Ashton is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator for national events with topics ranging across all women’s health, wellness, and prevention. She is committed to improving the lives of girls and women through increasing health literacy and busting myths that have been propagated via folklore with little medical or scientific basis. She has a ‘girlfriend’s’ approachable demeanor with Ivy League credentials that combine to make her the definitive voice for Women’s Health in the modern age. As a mom of two, Dr. Ashton not only ‘talks the talk’ but ‘walks the walk’, proving that commitment to good nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress reduction are the cornerstones to health and wellness. With her MD, and credentials in Nutrition, along with her accomplishments as a triathlete, cyclist and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Ashton is as comfortable discussing the latest workout or diet trend, as she is counseling on cancer screening or reproductive health issues facing women.


THE NEW NORMAL: A Roadmap to Resilience

by Jennifer Ashton, M.D., M.S.

William Morrow Hardcover, On Sale Date: February 9, 2021

ISBN: 9780063083233, Price: $26.99

E-book ISBN: 9780063083257, Price: $14.99


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