• We were so fortunate to have had Dr. Jennifer Ashton speak to our audience of dietary supplement and functional food executives during our annual conference in September 2013 in Park City, Utah. She is as warm and personal in-person as she is on television, and connected on an individual basis with so many in the audience. Her explanations about how the media selects, interprets and covers medical health news were extremely honest and valuable, and her insights on what women can—and should—expect from their doctors when it comes to health were intelligent and caring. (As an aside, several women from our group approached me after the session to say they wished they could find a doctor like Dr. Ashton.) In addition, we especially appreciated that she didn’t rush right out after she finished talking, but was happy to stay and talk to those who wanted to ask her individual questions. She took each question seriously and responded thoughtfully. We got very positive feedback on her session, and we were just delighted to have her speak to our group. I can recommend her without reservation to others looking for a smart, charming and likeable speaker.


    Judy Blatman
    Senior Vice President

    Council for Responsible Nutrition

  • Dr. Ashton was a clear hit with the audience at our annual Smart Women Luncheon & Expo. We heard from women who were truly inspired by her message, not to mention better informed about women’s health issues.
    Not only did she connect wonderfully with the large audience, Dr. Ashton interacted with our VIP guests one-on-one like they were old friends. We even heard from a guest who had a great hockey conversation with her.
    Dr. Ashton’s appearance helped make the event one of our best fund raisers ever.

    St. Joseph’s/Candler

    Smart Women Luncheon

    September 2014

  • I’ve worked with the amazing Dr. Jennifer Ashton as both a speaker and moderator. She always impresses!
    Dr. Ashton moderated one of the most important panels at this year’s Women in the World Summit with Barbra Streisand on women’s heart health. She brings not only her medical expertise, but also her incredible ability draw in an audience and keep them interested and entertained.
    - Tina Brown

  • We have received overwhelmingly positive reviews about Dr. Jennifer Ashton’s keynote address at the Houston Go Red For Women Luncheon from guests and staff who attended. Overall, Dr. Ashton met our expectations; her message resonated well with our audience, she was clear and concise, and her message aligned perfectly with the Go Red For Women movement’s messaging to key audiences. We invited Dr. Ashton to be our keynote speaker because we were looking for an individual who understood the risks of heart disease in women and could articulate the importance of prevention. She has promoted the Go Red message on a national scale, and she is an expert in women’s health.

    Jessica Ansel
    Corporate Market Director
    Go Red for Women

  • How would Quinnipiac University rate Dr Ashton as a keynote speaker?
    Very highly. She was well prepared and delivered an impactful speech.

    President John Lahey
    Quinnipiac Univeristy

  • Dr Jen is a hit with our audience!
    We learned that little things can make big improvements in our health. We are committing to more sleep and more water.
    Thank you for so much for your inspiration.

    Susette Hsiung
    International Women's Day at

  • “It’s really great to work in an environment that takes care of its employees by bringing in guests who speak to issues that are important for women. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Jennifer Ashton speak. It was a powerful reminder of how important it is for women to take care of themselves. Her message applied no matter what your age. She was down to earth and very approachable after the event.”

    Attendee at International Women's Day at Disney

  • I second all of those sentiments. Jennifer is an absolute 'gem' - meeting and talking with her was the highlight of my day, month and year.

    Judy Taylor
    International Women's Day at Disney

  • Dr. Ashton is an exceptional speaker. She is relatable and funny. She was able to hold our crowd’s attention for about 45 minutes, which is not always easy to do! Our expectations were exceeded. Funds raised from ticket sales were the highest they had been in 4 years.

    Alison Davis
    Special Events Manager
    Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

  • Dr. Ashton is a Rock Star physician, mom and TV correspondent. We are incredibly proud of how she represents our Medical Center and entire community throughout the country.Dr. Ashton receives rave reviews from all of her patients. We are honored that she was able to commit to our event. A huge shout out to Dr. A for being so good to us.

    Warren Geller
    Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

  • As a keynote speaker/moderator, Dr. Jennifer Ashton brings Northwell Health’s events to a higher level. As a woman and a physician, she is able to make a meaningful and very natural connection to the audience of events such as the Advancing Women in Science and Medicine Luncheon, and the Katz Institute for Women’s Health Conference. Not only is Dr. Ashton warm and friendly, but extremely knowledgeable about the topics being discussed at events, and does a great job relating to her audience. We have continuously received extremely positive feedback from guests about Dr. Ashton, making her an easy choice to be the keynote speaker/moderator for future events.

    Robin Ross
    Senior Director of Development
    Northwell Health Foundation
    The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

  • The keynote speaker was awesome.

    Dr. Jennifer Ashton was terrific.

    Dr. Ashton is a tremendous asset to all women.

    Attendees from Katz Institute for Women's Health

  • Dr Ashton,
    You rocked it yesterday on AHA’s health panel during Variety’s Path To Parity! Your personality coupled with your messages captivated the audience. Thank you for being a key role in making this new endeavor for AHA and even for Variety and the entertainment industry such a success.

    What an extra bonus for me to have the opportunity to know you after hearing so much about you from Nancy and Brooks and Leslie. An amazing woman indeed.
    I will be changing the network I watch in order to follow you!
    Susan Dance
    American Heart Association
    Vice-President, Entertainment and Sports Strategy

  • What an honor it was to meet you today during the VIP reception at the #DallasGoRed event. My regret is not getting a picture with you! You are just as lovely in person as you are in front of the camera. Thanks for making today's Dallas Go Red For Women Luncheon one of the most successful events ever. Your message was so well delivered and received! I hope to cross paths with you again soon... and score my selfie with you!

  • We received terrific feedback from Dr Ashton's event with Citibank!
    Washington Speakers Bureau

    Dr Ashton was great. She was one of the most lovely people, her presentation was dynamic and relatable! Citibank

  • Dr Ashton, your contribution to the success of the 2019 Georgia Suicide Prevention Conference was immeasurable. Your personal approach with our attendees during the evening dinner, the plenary session, the moderated panel and the book signing helped set the stage for a warm engagement throughout the day. It was a pleasure to meet and laugh with you. I am forever in your debt and appreciate you more than ever.
    Walker Tisdale Suicide Prevention Director, Georgia Dept of Behavioral Health

  • Attendees very much appreciated the conversational format and the informal tone of the conversation. Dr Ashton was engaging and informative and the conversation struck the right tone for the event. We have had great followup!
    Barbara Bernstein, Chief Planning Officer, The Mental Health Association of Westchester

  • Jennifer provided a fantastic keynote at the conference! She exceeded expectations on her ability to relate to the audience in a way that was vulnerable and transparent. Kim Ruocco, Vice President, Suicide Prevention and Postvention, TAPS