Breast Health

Breast cancer strikes one out of every eight women during their lifetime. Everyday, more and more is being learned about the disease and new advances in screening, detection and even prevention are evolving daily. Still, only 14% of women regularly examine their own breasts! In my office, I provide general risk assessment for breast cancer, which includes BRCA genetic testing for those with certain risk factors. I provide my patients with screening self-breast examination aids which allows palpation of breast lumps as small as a pin-head! If necessary, referrals can be made to local or regional breast cancer specialists as well as to plastic surgeons who perform state-of-the art reconstruction via either TRAM flaps or deep flap techniques.

Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and stressful time for the first-time mom and the seasoned veteran alike! While many pregnancies are uncomplicated and uneventful, one in ten pregnancies can involve Gestational Diabetes, which can have consequences to both mother and fetus. Fortunate in having been trained by the world expert in Gestational Diabetes, Dr. Oded Langer, I provide close and direct management to my pregnant patients with Gestational Diabetes. Since only a limited number of OB patients are accepted per month, all my pregnant patients are treated in an old-school manner of one-on-one, un-hurried and personal care throughout their entire pregnancy.

Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a disease that will likely affect more and more women, as our life expectancy increases. Though the best treatment is prevention, women with osteopenia and osteoporosis receive risk stratification for both disease and future injuries due to fractures. A variety of treatment modalities may be prescribed including a once yearly administration of an intravenous form of medication to slow bone deterioration.

Female Sexual Function and Vaginal Health

Approximately 45-60% of women have some degree of female sexual dysfunction. As one of life’s critical functions, sex is often brushed-over or frankly ignored by many doctors who feel powerless to assist the suffering patient or, worse still, uncomfortable discussing this topic themselves. In my office, your sex life is considered an integral part of your wellness. If problems exist, an assessment of the factors involved is performed, and a wide range of therapeutic options are discussed.