Many women will benefit from receiving a second opinion on a proposed treatment or management of a Gynecologic condition.

Whether for surgery that has been recommended, or for medical management, having all options and their inherent risks and benefits explained is the gold-standard in clinical practice today. In Gynecology in particular, women who suffer from symptomatic fibroids are often told they need a hysterectomy. While this is certainly appropriate in many cases, the type of hysterectomy (partial or total) and the surgical approach (abdominal, laparoscopic or vaginal) is oftentimes not explained. Furthermore, medical or hormonal management alternatives, in addition to Uterine Artery Embolization (a procedure performed by Interventional Radiologists rather than Gynecologists) are commonly omitted from the discussion. Patients interested in second opinion consultations should bring any pertinent medical records to the visit.